AI and Robotics are the Future & Work Skills are Changing

Everyone seems to have noticed the changes. The ‘4th Industrial Revolution’, as it is called, aside from all the excitement, is also challenging us to redefine work skills.

“To take full advantage of these opportunities, we need to spend time reflecting on how we can adapt our skill-sets to meet the changing skills mix required of our future selves. The World Economic Forum’s set of reports on future skills suggest that the STEM workforce of 2030 will not only require technical skills, but also strong so-called ‘soft skills’, including emotional intelligence, negotiation, building relationships, and complex problem-solving.
In other words, in a more automated world, we can ‘future-proof’ ourselves by focusing on those skills that make us uniquely human.”

The WISE Conference in May 2019 has the theme “Our Skills, Our Future”. WISE asked professionals what is changing in terms of STEM skills and the future of STEM in general.

You can find their comments here: