Ada Lovelace Festival: Connecting Women in Computing & Engineering

11 Okt 2018
All Day

BOLLE Festsäle
Alt-Moabit 98, 10559 Berlin

The Ada Lovelace Festival is a leading European event dedicated to all women in the IT industry. An outstanding platform for tech know-how and the voices of female IT-practitioners has been established over the past three years. The event provides brand new tech insights, inspiring talks, valuable hands-on workshops and a unique networking base for the community of women in tech.

Women have contributed to the emergence of the digital age from the very beginning. Among them was Ada Byron Countess of Lovelace (1815–1852), a mathematician now considered a software pioneer, after whom this event is named. In the mid-19th century, she developed a program for Charles Babbage’s “Analytical Engine”, a forerunner of the modern computer which was sadly never completed.

ada lovelace festival

The Ada Lovelace Festival provides a unique platform for senior and junior IT&Tech professionals, featuring the latest industry trends, research results and success stories of women in IT.

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